Born on 8th January 1988 in St. George's Grenada, "Land of the Jab Jab" Shireen was always surrounded by DJs and Entertainers from the Teenage stages of her life. She attended St. Joseph Convent High School, where she played Bass Tenor and Snare Drums in Girl's Scouts. After school she will always stop by her favorite childhood DJ Simply Smooth music booth, to enjoy the musical vibes before heading home. Due to the massive destruction in Grenada caused by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, Shireen migrated to Barbados for 1 year to complete High School at Garrison Secondary School.


Shireen has always expressed her love for music and her Caribbean culture. She is not shy of being around some of the most known Artiste in the Soca Industry, which influenced her love for contributing music to the Caribbean community. In July of 2019, Shireen released her first Soca Single "Bend Right Ova" feating Madman Pantha on the Bandit Jab Riddim, produced by Adigun and Saltysoundz. Immediately, from the studio and musical energy,  She released another Single "Cricket" produced by Top Notch Audio. By 2021 she is popularly knows as the "Jab Queen" with smashing back to back hits songs "VIRAL JAB" featuring K Money and "CONTAINER" written by Problem Child. 

Shireen's  passion for doing Hair has successfully evolved over the 14 years of residing in Brooklyn, New York. Her Hairstyling has helped with her well-known presence within the Soca industry. She is currently the Hair Stylist for some of Soca's top Artiste and DJs, such as Mr.Killa, Motto, Kevin Crown, Back to Basics, Riggo Suave just to name a few. She also styles Rapper Trinidad James hair occasionally. Shireen has appeared in King Bubba's "Drunk Day" music video in 2018

Shireen is very determined to continue making music and expressing her artistic talents of Hair styling. While her highest level of education is a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration completed at Medgar Ever College in 2013, Shireen is always willing to learn new ventures, and she is well receptive  to constructive criticism. Shireen's singles are streaming on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify an other major digital distribution. The Sky Is The Limit

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